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Autism and Mental Illness: a Teenager’s Perspective

Mair Elliott Mair Elliot shares her experience of living with both a mental illness and Autism. "Since 14 years old I have had doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, dieticians, support workers, counsellors... and various other professionals poking and prodding at the psychological mess in my head. I have tried more medications I than I can count on my hands, and I have taken ...
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Mair Elliott, Cerebra the charity for families of children with brain conditions

The long-term effects of unreliable, inconsistent support in CAMHS

Mair Elliott writes about how unreliable and inconsistent support from CAMHS has had an impact on her. You can read more of Mair's posts in her blog. We'd like to hear about your experiences of delays or inconsistent support from CAMHS. "When we discuss the high staff turnover, lack of reliable support, and other issues within CAMHS services we often think about the immediate distress ...
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