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Avleen is a wonderful young girl who was recently diagnosed with autism. Sadly, this causes sensory issues which can often lead to meltdowns.

Avleen regularly had disturbed sleep. She wouldn’t nap at all during the day and even though she was exhausted, she wouldn’t sleep at night.

“She would wake up every hour. It was having a huge impact on the whole family”

Avleen was so tired during the day, it wasn’t long before her school work began to suffer. Mum, Hardeep knew she had to do something and went to see her paediatrician who recommended she got in touch with Cerebra and our Sleep Team. And we’re glad she did!

Avleen was anxious about everything, especially at night. It was heartbreaking to see her go through such stress but our Sleep Practitioner, Claire worked together with Hardeep and Avleen and put a plan of action in place to help her settle. Avleen would have an evening bath, screens were turned off earlier and bedtime was brought forward. It wasn’t long before Hardeep noticed a real difference.

happy Avleen relaxing on the sofa after a good night's sleep

Every child is different and our skilled team of sleep practitioners work closely with children and their families, putting programmes in place specific to their needs

Avleen now goes to bed much more relaxed and the whole family are able to sleep through the night without any episodes of waking. Not only that, but Avleen is now able to concentrate at school.

Our Sleep Workshops and one-on-one support are such an important part of our work. If you’re able to support our work this Christmas, please make a donation below. You’ll be giving a child like Avleen and her family a lasting gift that will help change their lives.

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