Legal Rights

How rehabilitation and support can help a child with an acquired brain injury to flourish and reach their potential

My team and I are both proud and privileged to act for the most amazing, brave and courageous clients - children ...
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Cerebra and the University of Leeds FII (Fabricated or Induced Illness) Survey

Cerebra has become increasingly concerned over recent years with an apparent rise in reports from families with disabled children which ...
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championing mental health

Draft Mental Health Bill published: Here’s a Potential Health Warning

The Government published the long awaited Draft Mental Health Bill on 27 June 2022 which applies to England and Wales. ...
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boy in a wheelchair with a carer stood behind him

PVL and the link to Cerebral Palsy

PVL - what is it?  Periventricular Leukomalacia, commonly referred to as PVL, is a form of injury to the white ...
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happy disabled boy painting with his family

Acquired Brain Injury and Litigation

Common causes of brain injury Sometimes a child sustains a brain injury at birth or because of a medical reason, ...
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Cerebra what we do the charity for children with brain conditions.

Our response to the publication of The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care in England

In a sense, Josh MacAlister’s independent review of children’s social care was always going to disappoint. Billed as a “wide-ranging, ...
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Disabled Children and the Equality Act 2010: What teachers need to know and what schools need to do

Schools have a range of duties under the Equality Act 2010: to staff, as employees; to parents and others, where ...
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Family with siblings

Property ownership and Children – recognising the financial investment of others

Introduction The legal ownership of the 'Family Home' of a Child who has received a Personal Injury award can sometimes ...
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Transitioning from School to Further Education

Moving from a school setting into further education is a difficult decision for any young person. However, for people with ...
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a young boy sat at a desk looking at an iPad

Assistive Technology – enhancing independence for children living with brain conditions

“For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” IBM Training Manual, 1991. ...
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