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We regularly publish news from our research partners and how it is informing our services to families.

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Can you take part in the Checklist Project research study?

Does your child have a moderate-profound learning disability? The Neurodevelopmental Conditions Research Lab at the University of Warwick and the ...
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Family Trauma: A Broken Care System

The University of Kent's Tizard Centre has been collaborating with the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, which provides support to families who ...
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The feasibility and effectiveness of tailored behavioural sleep interventions for children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Researchers at Aston University are working in partnership with Cerebra to understand how practical and effective behavioural sleep interventions are ...
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Fabricated or Induced Illness Research Report

The findings of a major research project concerning FII have been published today. This research report considers the prevalence and ...
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Specific phobia in children with learning disabilities

In this seminar, Professor Kylie Gray presented the findings of the study titled “Specific phobia in children with learning disabilities ...
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Lifestyle interventions during pregnancy improves child neurodevelopment

Structured interventions during pregnancy, such as those centred on a Mediterranean diet or mindfulness-based stress reduction, can improve child neurodevelopment ...
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The Mediterranean diet and maternal stress reduction during pregnancy improve infant neurodevelopment

Interventions based on the Mediterranean diet or mindfulness to reduce stress during pregnancy improve the neurodevelopment of children in the ...
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Free webinar: Diagnostic overshadowing

Free webinar: Tuesday 21st November 6.00pm-7.30pm Diagnostic overshadowing presents a significant challenge for parents and carers of children with intellectual ...
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Autistica is building the Autistica Neurodiversity Employers Index (NDEI)

Autistica are looking for 200 companies who want to review their neurodiversity inclusion practices. You may already be actively championing ...
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Is all this research actually doing anything?

This post is a summary of the conversation between the researchers and two undergraduate interns hosted by the Centre for ...
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