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Incredible Years Parenting Program

The Incredible Years Autism Spectrum and Language Delays Parent Program: A Pragmatic, Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial Williams et al This research paper was published in Autism Research as a result of work we fund at the University of Warwick. Find out more about The Incredible Years program.  

The Role of Parenting in Child Development

Early Years Parenting Mediates Early Adversity Effects on Problem Behaviours in Intellectual Disability Totsika et al This research paper was published in the journal Child Development as a result of research we fund at the University of Warwick.

Positive Gains Scale

Measurement invariance of the Positive Gains Scale in families of children with and without disabilities Mikeda Jess et al This research paper was published in the Research in Developmental Disabilities journal as a result of the research we funded at University of Warwick. What is the Positive Gains Scale? The Positive Gain Scale (PGS; Pit-ten …

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1,000 Families Study

1000 Families Study, a UK multiwave cohort investigating the well-being of families of children with intellectual disabilities: cohort profile Richard P Hastings et al This research paper was published by BMJ Open as a result of the work we fund at University of Warwick. Published: January 2020

Sensory Processing

Sensory processing refers to how people experience, interpret and use their senses to guide their day-to-day behaviour. This guide will outline the most common sensory processing difficulties people can experience, as well as providing an overview of sensory assessments and interventions and strategies for sensory processing difficulties.

After diagnosis: what now?

This factsheet has been prepared as a starting point for parents of children that have just been diagnosed with a brain condition. It aims to provide an overview of the resources and information they need to get advice, help and support for their family.