But I Can’t Knit and other FAQs

We’re answering all your questions about our Knit and Natter.

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But I Can’t Knit and other FAQs

We’re answering all your questions about our Knit and Natter.

What even is a Knit and Natter?

Knit and Natters go by lots of different names but it’s basically just a group of knitters getting together to knit together and chat. It can be a chance to get help with something you’re stuck on in your knitting project, learn different ways to do things or to just admire each other’s woolly creations.

But I can’t knit!

That doesn’t matter! If there’s another craft that you enjoy you can do that instead. At our in-house Knit and Natter we’ll have knitters, cross stitchers, card makers and even one person assembling a model Back to the Future DeLorean.

I can’t knit but I’d like to learn. Any tips?

There are thousands of knitting videos on YouTube that could help you learn. Here are some beginner tutorials we’ve found:

Or you could ask a knitting friend or family member to show you the basics.

A simple scarf in a chunky or super chunky yarn is a great place to start. It’ll grow quickly and it won’t matter if you have a few wonky bits when it’s wrapped around your neck.

Does crochet count?

Yes, crochet absolutely counts. We love all crafts here!

I’d like to involve the children, can we do some crafts together even if it’s just playdough?

That sounds lovely (and a bit messy)!

Can it just be me or do I need a group?

If you don’t know anyone else who crafts feel free to have a solo event. Why not join our new Knit and Natter Facebook group to find some like minded people to connect with even if you’re doing the actual knitting alone.

Is there an official knitting pattern for the event?

No, there isn’t. Feel free to get creative and stitch whatever you fancy. We do have two free knitting patterns for premature baby hats available on our resources page if you’d like to knit some to donate to your local premature baby unit.

How should I fundraise?

The simplest way to fundraise is to ask your guests to make a donation. That could be the amount they’d expect to pay for a knitting lesson or what they’d spend if you were getting together at a café instead. You can set up a JustGiving page for your event or your guests can text KNIT followed by their donation amount (e.g. KNIT 10) to 70470. You could also share your JustGiving page on social media as you may get donations from people who can’t attend but would like to support you.

If we haven’t answered your question get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or send us an email at [email protected]

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