Tips for Hosting a Knit and Natter

Get all of our top tips for making your Knit and Natter a huge success.

Tips for Hosting a Knit and Natter

Get all of our top tips for making your Knit and Natter a huge success.

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What type of knit and natter?

Our Knit and Natter will be virtual but you could hold a small Knit and Natter with your household or if the current coronavirus guidelines in your area (England | Scotland | Wales | Northern Ireland) allow it you could host a socially distanced event.

Do you have a few crafty colleagues you could get together with over video conference (or socially distanced at your workplace) to craft with over a lunchbreak? Maybe you already have a knitting club who are missing meeting up –  take it online and add a fundraising twist. You can read our tips for holding a virtual event here.

If you’re planning a socially distanced Knit and Natter, a local café or yarn shop may agree to host you and if you have more than six people who’d like to come you could give them timed slots and make a day of it.


We think autumn and winter are the ideal time for knitting so we’ll hold our event in November but yours could be a Christmas get together or a new year catch up so you have something to look forward to in January.

When are you likely to get the best attendance to your event? Would it be best during the week or over the weekend? If you’re involving work colleagues, perhaps the week would be better.

Spread the word

Now’s the time to invite your guests. That can be as simple a WhatsApp message or an email but you’ll also find invites and posters in your fundraising pack and social graphics on our Resources page.

On the day

Get together, have a good old chinwag and craft together.


If you’re an experienced knitter you can get on with whatever project you’re already working on. Or maybe you’ve got a project you’re stuck with and you want to ask for tips, this is the ideal time. If you can’t knit there are thousands of videos on YouTube that could help you learn or if you have a knitting friend they could show you the ropes. If you just don’t like knitting you can crochet, cross stitch, make pompoms or do any other sort of craft you like. It’s not about what you make, it’s about connecting, spending time together and raising valuable funds to help improve children’s mental health.


This year has been hard on all of our mental health so gathering with your friends and loved ones – even virtually – is a great time to talk. If you have a personal connection to mental health problems or brain conditions talking about it at your event will make your reason for fundraising feel more real to your guests and may encourage them to open up about their own struggles.


You’ll find some decorations in your pack. Or if you’re having a virtual event we’ve made a digital background you can use on your video conference.


No craft day is complete without cake and a cuppa so make sure you’ve got some goodies in. If you’re having a virtual event could you make your guests a little care package of tea bags and some sweet treats?

The fundraising

The easiest way to fundraise is to create a JustGiving page. They’re easy to set up, you can share the link with people who can’t make it but still want to support you and it takes care of Gift Aid. (If you’re fundraising offline you can use our Gift Aid form so that your guests can make their donations worth 25% more at no extra cost to them.)

How much you ask people to donate is up to you. In order for us to claim Gift Aid they have to be free to choose their own donation amount – and we generally find people give more if it’s not a set donation amount. If you will be teaching your guests how to knit or crochet you could ask them to donate the amount they’d expect to pay for a class.

If you’re all newbies you could add a fun twist and donate an extra pound for every dropped stitch.

Could you sell your creations after the event to add even more to your fundraising total?

Extra fundraising

Sweepstakes are a great way to raise extra funds and you’ll find a knitting themed one in your fundraising pack.

A raffle on the day of your event is another good way to boost your fundraising total. Could you approach local businesses for raffle prizes? Or maybe you could raffle off something you’ve knitted or even your skills as a knitting teacher.

Shout about it

We’d love to see your knitted creations! Be sure to to tag us in any photos you share on social media and if you’d like to tell us more about your event and what inspired you to fundraise for us email us at [email protected].

After the event

You’ve knitted, you’ve nattered, you’ve raised vital funds for children with brain conditions. Now what?

Pay in your donations

If you’ve set up a fundraising page your donations will come straight to us. If you’ve fundraised offline there’s a donation form in your pack with all the details of how to pay by cheque, over the phone or by bank transfer. You can also pay in your donations online here.

Thank you

As a small token of our appreciation we’ll send you a certificate to celebrate what a Cerebra Superhero you are.

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