Find out how your kindness has improved children’s lives and made ground-breaking developments in research that will help more women have safer pregnancies.


Find out how your kindness has improved children’s lives and made ground-breaking developments in research that will help more women have safer pregnancies.

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Thank you to all who supported our Christmas appeal!

We’re so grateful to all of you who got behind our Christmas appeal to help light up the lives of children over the festive period.

Whether you made a donation, entered our Raffle or bought your colour-in Christmas cards, we want to say a big Thank You! Our appeal was centred around our Sensory Toy Library, which is a wonderful resource for children with sensory needs.

Many children living with a brain condition have difficulties organising and responding to sensory input, which can be frustrating and distressing and that’s why our Library has a wide-range of toys to help children learn, play and experience the world around them.

The support we received last year has meant that we are able to help more children like Betsy, whom you can read about below!

Our Sensory Toy Library put a smile on Betsy’s face

Betsy has Rett Syndrome and Autism and she is very sensory driven, requiring constant sensory feedback. Betsy requires supervision 24 hours a day and her family relies heavily on having the right environment at home to keep Betsy stimulated, calm and happy.

Betsy has stereotypical hand movements and that makes it difficult to keep her occupied. Often things that mum, Sarah thinks she may like, she doesn’t and so being able to borrow different items from Cerebra’s Toy Library gives Betsy the opportunity to try out a variety of wonderful sensory equipment that is incredibly difficult and expensive to find elsewhere.

Sarah, told us; “Betsy has loved the numerous things we have loaned and seeing her face light up or the concentration when she sees a new object is absolutely lovely. Knowing I can contact Cerebra and always receive a supportive quick reply is so refreshing as a special needs parent!”

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Our New Year’s Resolutions

With your support in 2022 we will continue to help families discover a better life together. Together we will:

  • Continue to support ground breaking research into pregnancy, families, legal entitlements, mental health and sleep.
  • Support 450 families with one-to-one sleep advice.
  • Deliver a programme of sleep workshops both face-to-face and on-line
  • Develop a Sleep App for families.
    Launch our new professional sleep training course.
  • Deliver 15 Accessing Public Services workshops.
  • Add new books and toys to our digital, lending and toy library.
  • Support 150 families with bespoke product design and advice.
  • Publish new guides and factsheets with reliable information for families.

Your donations help fund our vital research and ensure that together we continue to provide the services that enrich the lives of so many children and their families

Mindfulness and a Mediterranean diet for pregnancy

Research supported by Cerebra at the Barcelona Fetal Medicine Research Center has published the results of an exciting new study.

The study has demonstrated, for the first time, that a Mediterranean diet or mindfulness during pregnancy reduces the percentage of low birth weight babies and improves complications in pregnancy, such as preeclampsia or perinatal death, when used in a structured, guided manner.

The results were clear: pregnant women in the control group had 21.9% of low birth weight newborns, and this percentage was significantly reduced in the Mediterranean diet (14%) and mindfulness (15.6%) groups.

The team are now designing a multicentre study to apply these results to any pregnant woman, without the need to be at risk of having a low weight baby. This is ground-breaking research, as it demonstrates for the first time that a structured lifestyle intervention reduces complications in pregnancy for which no previous treatment had previously demonstrated positive effects.

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