Find out how your kindness is making a real difference to lives of children with brain conditions and their families.

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Find out how your kindness is making a real difference to lives of children with brain conditions and their families.

How Our Library Helped Joe

joe playing with sensory equipmentJoe’s mum Sophie explains how our free book and toy library have improved her family’s life.

“Joe is 4, he’s funny, cheeky, loving and he is also autistic. For the past 18 months Joe’s behaviour has challenged us and we just didn’t know where to start with understanding our little boy.

Joe struggles with anxiety and faces major sensory challenges, he has a very restrictive diet and a strong need for repetition and routine. Joe would have numerous meltdowns, which could result in him hurting himself and his family. If children came close to Joe whilst in a park or play centre, then he would attack them.

From a family point of view, our life changed massively – we suddenly stopped going to busy or potentially noisy places and stopped even socialising with friends who had children, for fear of Joe hurting them. Mealtimes were a nightmare, which descended into Joe screaming and all-round stress.

We still haven’t received any support from healthcare professionals, but instead we have spent lots of time reading about autism, anxiety and extreme behaviour. With the help of Cerebra’s fantastic library and information leaflets, we’ve been able to discover strategies and tips that we have used to change our home environment and our parenting techniques.

We have also used the Cerebra sensory suitcase loan, which Joe loved. As a parent, I felt overwhelmed by the market for sensory toys, lights etc and didn’t have a clue what Joe would enjoy, so it’s been wonderful to try a range of items and gauge what Joe would like to have at home.

Joe is a much happier boy now and I feel that we understand him a lot better. We’ve even been able to start visiting friends again and we are gradually re-introducing going to play centres etc. My husband and I also feel more confident in our ability to support Joe during a meltdown and the frequency of these has reduced. Life obviously isn’t perfect and we have the dark days, but the good days are really good!”

We’re so grateful for your continued support. Whether you make a donation, play our Weekly Lottery or enter our Raffle, here’s how your support makes a huge difference

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£10 could help pay for an hour of sleep support to help a child and their family to get the rest they desperately need

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£20 could pay for a family who are having difficulties accessing health, social and educational services to attend an ‘Accessing Public Services’ Toolkit Workshop to help ensure their child receives the ongoing support they desperately need

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£50 could pay for a toy in our sensory suitcase – our most popular loan from our Toy Library, to help a child just like Joe

We help launch new report to highlight the importance of early intervention to support children with learning disabilities and their families

Too often children with learning disabilities and their families are unable to access the early years support and services they need. Cerebra in collaboration with The Challenging Behaviour Foundation, Council for Disabled Children, University of Warwick and Mencap have recently published a new report, ‘Investing in Early Intervention.’

Many families of disabled children struggle to get the right early support in the right place at the right time – and this can mean that children’s and families’ difficulties get worse, unnecessarily.

Early intervention can take different forms, from helping a child to learn a key developmental skill to directly helping to improve the well-being of the child’s family. It can make a real difference in both preventing problems occurring and tackling problems when they do start to emerge.

We’re delighted to have been part of such an important project that will help to bring about the changes we need nationally and locally, to ensure children and young people secure better outcomes, realise their ambitions and live full lives with their family and in their community.

Make a Donation

Please help support our vital work that enriches the lives of thousands of children and their families every day.

Cerebra superhero runners raise £5,000!

We’d like to say a huge thanks to all our wonderful runners who took to the streets of London back in April to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

It was a great day with some participants dressing up as famous landmarks as they ran one of the most picturesque half marathon routes out there!

We’re so grateful to all our runners for raising such a fantastic amount. If you fancy taking on a challenge like this in 2023, then please do get in touch. We currently have places available for next year’s London Landmarks Half Marathon as well as places for multiple runs across Wales.

cerebra superhero runner

Our innovators help Harry to play with his dog

Product Designers from the Cerebra Innovation Centre – a partnership between the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Cerebra – produced a specially adapted tennis ball shooter to enable a boy with cerebral palsy to throw a ball for his assistance dog.

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