Cerebra’s Sleep Service Helps Caroline and Dylan

11 January 2016

Caroline and Dylan
Caroline and Dylan

Caroline is mother to six year old Dylan who is thought to have high functioning Aspergers although the family are awaiting a formal diagnosis. Dylan’s condition has a huge impact on the family’s daily life, including Dylan’s sleep pattern. Caroline shared her story with us:

“My name is Caroline, I am mother to three children aged 5, 7, and 15. I also have two older step children. My youngest son, Dylan, is nearly 6 years old and we love him so much. Dylan likes Fireman Sam and Ben 10, loves talking about dates and numbers, has a beautiful smile and an incredible memory.

Dylan has been under a paediatric consultant for the past 3 years who thinks Dylan has high functioning Aspergers. Despite intervention and support from numerous agencies, we are still awaiting a formal diagnosis.

My husband and I face many challenges in caring for Dylan including regular issues with toileting, meltdowns, fixed behaviour, communication, sensory processing and most importantly: sleep!

I attended sleep seminars run by Cerebra and we were allocated a sleep practitioner, Catherine Stone. Catherine came to the house and set out a personalised plan to tackle the sleep issues. Followed up with regular support and advice on the phone, we have felt able to start moving things forward. I know that Dylan’s sleep issues won’t be resolved overnight, but my husband and I now feel empowered to make gradual changes in order to help Dylan and the rest of the family to have less interrupted sleep.

We are extremely grateful to Cerebra for providing us with this support, so I am running in a 10k event in Cardiff on 28 February 2016 to raise money for Cerebra so that they continue to help families like ours. Thank you Cerebra!”

“Thanks to support from Sleep Practitioner Catherine Stone, Dylan has slept through 11 nights in January, 15 nights in February, 18 nights in March and 20 nights in April! Before Christmas we were lucky if he slept through 4 nights a month! Dylan will now settle alone every night and is less stressed at bedtime.  I would like to thank Cerebra for their support and advice and would recommend this service to anyone.”

Caroline sent us this lovely video update of their progress following their support from Catherine: