New Books on Autism in the Library

21 March 2018

New Books on Autism in the Library

21 March 2018

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We have had a lot of requests to borrow books explaining autism recently, so we have purchased some brand new ones.

  • L6732 – A Parents’ ABC of the Autism Spectrum by Stephen Heydt published 2017
  • L6741 & L6742 – Talking with Your Child About Their Autism Diagnosis: a guide for parents by Raelene Dundon published 2018
  • L6743 – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Autism Explained by Frederick Earlstein published 2017
  • L6745 & L6746 – Understanding Autism: the essential guide for parents by Katrina Williams published 2018
  • L6747 – The Parents’ Practical Guide to Resilience for Children aged 2-10 on the Autism Spectrum by Jeanette Purkis published 2018
  • C0275 – Creating Autism Champions: autism awareness training for Key Stage 1 and 2 by Joy Beaney published 2017 – includes photocopiable material and downloadable resources
  • C0290 – The ASD and Me Picture Book – a visual guide to understanding challenges and strengths for children on the autism spectrum by Joel Shaul published 2017 – includes photocopiable worksheets

If you would like to know more about our postal lending library please email Jan the Librarian on [email protected] or visit our library page.

2 thoughts on “New Books on Autism in the Library”

  1. Hi, my son could be autistic, I have noticed a few traits so have asked for him to be tested. Was wondering if I could borrow some books on autism, I did use your services a while ago for my other son who is autistic who sadly because of family life and his dad had to go I to care

    1. Leigh Mulvihill

      Hi Rachel, if you give our librarian Jan a call on 01267244203 or email her at [email protected] she can sign you up to the library and let you know what books are available to borrow.

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