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Understanding atypical patterns of autism in individuals with genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability

Caitlin Murray Dr Jo Moss, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Surrey, opened the February CEDAR seminar by sharing a story of a young man who had a rare genetic syndrome, but who also showed autism characteristics such as repetitive behaviours and a strong preference for routine from a young age but had never been diagnosed with autism. When he transitioned to college, his ...
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Introducing Cerebra PhD Student Rory O’Sullivan

My name is Rory O’Sullivan and I’m a first-year PhD student based at the University of Birmingham. My PhD is partially funded by Cerebra, and involves exploring the characteristics and significance of sleep in children with rare genetic syndromes. About me: During my undergraduate degree, I worked as an Honorary Research Assistant with Caroline Richards from the Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.  Throughout my stay I ...
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So Many Books And Toys – It’s Amazing!

“Ezra has global development delay and is on the pathway to an Autism diagnosis. Ezra struggles with social, communication difficulties and routine changes. This can make going out, especially new places, situations stressful for Ezra and us as a family. I was really interested in accessing the lending library resources for Ezra, his siblings and also the educational resources for myself. I received the two ...
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Our Toy Library Brings Fun Right To Your Door!

“Evan will be 5 in May and has been receiving toys on loan since 2018 when he was around 1 years old. Evan is a SWAN (Syndrome Without A Name) and remains undiagnosed. Evan has GDD, Hypotonia, Visual Impairment, Epilepsy to name but a few. Evan is nil by mouth and is fed via gastrostomy. Evan is non mobile and is unable to sit unaided, ...
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How Our Library Helped Joe

Joe's mum Sophie explains how our free book and toy library have improved her family's life. "Joe is 4, he's funny, cheeky, loving and he is also autistic. For the past 18 months Joe's behaviour has challenged us and we just didn't know where to start with understanding our little boy. Joe struggles with anxiety and faces major sensory challenges, he has a very restrictive ...
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henry, smiling at the camera

Something Super-Light and Super-Strong for Superstar, Henry!

Henry, from Midsomer Norton in Somerset is 9 and a ¼ although, as a massive Harry Potter fan, he will tell you that he is in fact 9 and ¾! He’s very artistic and loves to be out and about, taking part in activities like, wheelchair basketball, power-chair football and frame running! As Henry has Cerebral Palsy, he relies on his wheelchair or his crutches ...
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a man, woman and dog walk along a sea front

10k Steps a Day in May

Walk, run, swim, hop, skip or jump your way to 10k steps a day throughout the month of May and help children living with a brain condition and their families to discover a better life together. The challenge starts on Sunday 1st May so please do register before then. It's absolutely free to take part and we'll even send you your very own Cerebra t-shirt! ...
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Image of Emma and Joshua

Emma, Joshua And The Challenges Of Epilepsy

Joshua had a stroke at birth and as a result suffered ‘devastating brain damage’. When we finally got home from Special Care, our GP came to visit us at home to hear all about our experience. He said then that Joshua would be likely to develop epilepsy, as he grew older and that is the fist time that we heard that word in relation to ...
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Cerebra library a child holding some books from the library.

Recommendations for Books on Autism in the Library

If I’m asked by parents which books do I think they should read to start with, I suggest one of these: Understand Autism: the essential guide by Katrina Williams Published 2018 Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Children: for parents of the newly diagnosed by Luke Beardon Published 2019 Talking with Your Child About Their Autism Diagnosis: a guide for parents by Raelene Dundon Published 2018 ...
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Little boy looking through books, borrow ebooks from Cerebra.

Epilepsy Books in the Library

Books in the library on Epilepsy for parent carers Complex Childhood Epilepsy a Parents Handbook by Nina Solomon Published 2010 by The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy now known as Young Epilepsy. Epilepsy and Seizure: first aid, preventions, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, Disability Act, help, research by James Lee Anderson Published 2014 by CreateSpace Coping with Epilepsy in Children and Young People by ...
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