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a young boy sat at a desk looking at an iPad

Assistive Technology – enhancing independence for children living with brain conditions

“For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” IBM Training Manual, 1991. What is assistive technology? Assistive products and technology are defined as "any product, instrument, equipment or technology adapted or specially designed for improving the functioning of a disabled person". This includes ‘off-the-shelf’ mainstream devices (for example, the latest Amazon Echo advert features people with disabilities ...
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Your donation will make a real difference

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Mother watching child sleep

What can I do if my child needs me to be there in order for them to sleep?

For some children, falling asleep without an adult with them seems impossible. Perhaps your child is used to you sleeping in bed with them, or on a chair in the corner of their room. Although your presence may help them settle to sleep initially, if these same conditions are not in place when they wake up in the middle of the night, they may struggle ...
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Child sleeping

What impact do sleep problems have?

Although the odd night of poor sleep may not affect daily abilities, persistent sleep problems can have a huge impact on individuals with and without intellectual disability and their friends, families, colleagues and carers. For all individuals, lack of sleep is associated with problems with mood, learning, memory and behaviour. This article is taken from our Sleep Guide which you can download for free on ...
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Our Toy Library Brings Fun Right To Your Door!

“Evan will be 5 in May and has been receiving toys on loan since 2018 when he was around 1 years old. Evan is a SWAN (Syndrome Without A Name) and remains undiagnosed. Evan has GDD, Hypotonia, Visual Impairment, Epilepsy to name but a few. Evan is nil by mouth and is fed via gastrostomy. Evan is non mobile and is unable to sit unaided, ...
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a mum kissing her newborn baby

Lifestyle Interventions in Pregnancy

Most women thinking about having a baby know that they need to make lifestyle changes before and while they are pregnant for a safe and healthy pregnancy. They ask their doctor or midwife for recommendations about caffeine intake, exercise, alcohol consumption, the best foods to eat and what to avoid, and are particularly receptive to changing their health behaviour1. Many researchers have sought to establish ...
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1,000 families study

1,000 Families Study

The Family Research Group at the University of Warwick, in collaboration with Cerebra, is exploring the experiences of families who live with a child with a learning disability in the UK through the Cerebra 1000 Families Study. As far as we know, this is the largest ever longitudinal study of families of children with learning disability in the UK, and we would like to thank all families who ...
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Professor Luke Clements leads our Legal Entitlement and Problem-Solving (LEaP) Project at The School of Law, Leeds, which provides support to families who are having problems accessing health, social care or other services. Some of Luke’s workshops, talks and webinars have been recorded and are collected here for easy reference. Luke’s talks refer to the law but are mostly accessible by parent carers. Videos refer ...
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A selection of toys available from cerebra's lending library

Try Before You Buy With Our Sensory Toy Library

Our specialist postal library contains a wide range of books for both adults and children and a selection of toys specially chosen for children with brain conditions. It's a great way to try out what sensory toys your child enjoys the most without buying what can be very expensive items. One mum, Annmarie, told us how our library has helped her son, Harrison: "Harrison is ...
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Books on ADHD in the library

Check out the books on ADHD that you can borrow from our postal lending library for free. For parents L6329 & L6365 ADHD Living Without Brakes by Martin Kutscher L6450 & L6578 Calm Your Hyperactive Child: coping with ADHD and other behavioural problems by Sabina Dosani L6727 Power Parenting for Children with ADD/ADHD: a practical parent’s guide for managing difficult behaviours by Grad Flick L6508 ...
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