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a mum kissing her newborn baby

Lifestyle Interventions in Pregnancy

Most women thinking about having a baby know that they need to make lifestyle changes before and while they are pregnant for a safe and healthy pregnancy. They ask their doctor or midwife for recommendations about caffeine intake, exercise, alcohol consumption, the best foods to eat and what to avoid, and are particularly receptive to changing their health behaviour1. Many researchers have sought to establish ...
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Institutionalising Parent Blame

Luke explains the research report 'Institutionalising Parent Carer Blame'.
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The long road ahead for Cerebra Superhero fundraiser

On Friday 20th May 2022, PCB Radio DJ, Chris ‘Swifty’ Morgan will be cycling the whole of the A38 for children living with a brain condition and their families. We’re talking 292 miles, making the A38 the second longest A-road in the whole of the UK! But, once you take into account the stages which will be on national cycle routes, Swifty's journey will actually ...
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Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Annual Report

This annual report details the work undertaken by the Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders in 2021.
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The Be-Well Checklist

Today we are publishing the innovative Be-Well Checklist designed to help parents, carers and professionals improve the well-being of people with severe learning disability and complex needs. People with severe learning disability and complex needs need a lot of support in their daily life and often find it hard to tell other people what they need or want, or how they feel. They might also ...
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happy disabled boy painting with his family

Positive Family Connections

Joanna Griffin, parent carer, counselling psychologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick discusses the value of co-production and a new online family carer programme - Positive Family Connections. What is 'co-production'? The term ‘co-production’ is often used by services and projects. But what does it actually mean? Co-production refers to the process whereby service providers and those affected by a service work together ...
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boy playing

Playing with your child for research

Watch Me Play! involves the parent watching their child play for about 20 minutes a couple of times a week. Parents are encouraged to let their child take the lead in play while they watch and talk to their child about their play. Later, parents reflect with another adult about what they have observed. Watch Me Play! was initially developed for children in care, and ...
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Mum with her daughter in a wheelchair

Disability Needs Assessment Policies and Parent Blame – Institutionalising Parent Blame

The experiences of disabled children and their families in their interaction with English children’s services departments.
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Legal Entitlements and Problem-Solving (LEaP) Project Cerebra

Getting a decent ‘Parent Carer’s Needs Assessment”

Luke outlines the law that applies to parent carers when being assessed as the carer of a disabled child.
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Assessing the Support Needs of Disabled Children and their Families

Professor Luke Clements provides a detailed explanation of the process by which children’s services in England should assess the support needs of disabled children and their families. It is divided into the following sections: Assessing a disabled child’s need for social care support The ‘eligibility decision’: what needs must be met Carers' assessments What type of support can be provided? Common problems Resources and links ...
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