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Happy 15th Birthday Cerebra!

We are celebrating our 15th birthday by publishing a special brochure celebrating some of our achievements and looking forward to an exciting future. Since the charity was founded in December 2001 we have helped thousands of children with brain conditions and their families through research, information and direct, on-going support. During the last eighteen months we have taken the opportunity of strengthening our mission, key ...
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Jonathan’s Story – Eye Can Talk

Jonathan's perspex spelling board which helps him to communicate. Jonathan Bryan tells us his remarkable story and how he's doing all he can to make a difference for other children in his situation. "At last I am able to tell my own story in my own words.  When I was born in 2006, my parents were told I had Cerebral Palsy and renal failure; the MRI scan ...
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Sleep Practitioner Helps Nelli

Nelli and Iveta Our Sleep Service gives support to families whose children are having problems with their sleep. Claire Varey, our Sleep Practitioner in the north of England, shares some advice that recently helped a family she worked with. "I recently worked with Iveta, Lucie and Nelli to  address a sleep disturbance that was affecting the whole household. Nelli is 4 years old, she has ...
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Learning disabilities: Identifying and managing mental health problems

The role of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is to improve outcomes for people using the NHS and other public health and social care services. Patients and healthcare professionals have rights and responsibilities as set out in the NHS Constitution for England. Treatment and care should be centred on the patient, taking into account their needs. Additionally patients should have the ...
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Uniquely Human: a different way of seeing autism

Uniquely Human: a different way of seeing autism by Dr Barry M Prizant ISBN 9780285643338 £20.00 We all have different coping strategies. Think about the behaviours associated with autism? Hand flapping, spinning, rocking, a restricted range of interests. A lot of current thinking aims to eliminate these behaviours. But what if they are strategies to cope, to adapt and to communicate your emotions? What if ...
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Sleep and Head Banging

Head banging is just one of the issues that our Sleep Practitioners can help families with. It's a difficult behaviour to eradicate because it generally happens while the child is sleeping. Often it's only possible to manage the behaviour rather than being able to remove it entirely. Often it's the noise that the child makes while head banging that's the problem, especially for the rest of ...
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Teenage Sleep

Back in 2015, Sarah Coldrey, our Sleep Practitioner in the South West met with the Hunter family from Brixham. The Hunters have three children and their eldest son, who has ADHD was having sleep issues. The fifteen year old wasn’t falling asleep until 5am most days and was missing a lot of school. She recommended a technique called Chronotherapy which involves altering bedtimes each night. ...
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Sleep Forum Addresses Sensory Difficulties

On the 10th November, Sleep Practitioner Claire Varey held a sleep forum at Burton Street Foundation, Sheffield. Claire, who is Cerebra's Sleep Practitioner for the North, addressed the issues of settling, night waking, early rising and difficulty sleeping alone. There was also opportunity to look at ways to structure an effective bed time routine which can help to tackle some of the issues which are ...
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Disabled Facilities Grants Project

The school of law team at the University of Leeds Joseph is one of the students working on our Legal Entitlements and Problem-Solving (LEaP) Project at the University of Leeds. In this article, Joseph tells us more about the students’ Disabled Facilities Grants project. William (not his real name) is 14 years old and has autism. He’s a big, tall lad, who is much loved ...
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Magical Christmas at Covent Garden

On 22nd December, we held our ‘Christmas at Covent Garden’ concert at St Paul's Church in London. Guests were treated to stunning performances from Hywel Girls’ Choir and Hywel Boy Singers and the Angelicus Chorale who comprised of Hannah Seward (soprano), Lauren Williams (soprano), John Hywel Williams (conductor), Huw Tregelles Williams (organ), Jane Jewell (piano), Gareth Hamlin (percussion), Jeremy Hywel (voice of Christmas). We raised ...
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