Sleep Practitioner Helps Nelli

Nelli and Iveta Our Sleep Service gives support to families whose children are having problems with their sleep. Claire Varey, ...
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Sleep and Head Banging

Head banging is just one of the issues that our Sleep Practitioners can help families with. It's a difficult behaviour ...
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Teenage Sleep

Back in 2015, Sarah Coldrey, our Sleep Practitioner in the South West met with the Hunter family from Brixham. The ...
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Sleep Forum Addresses Sensory Difficulties

On the 10th November, Sleep Practitioner Claire Varey held a sleep forum at Burton Street Foundation, Sheffield. Claire, who is ...
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Cerebra’s Sleep Service Helps Caroline and Dylan

Caroline and Dylan Caroline is mother to six year old Dylan who is thought to have high functioning Aspergers although ...
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A child sleeping.

Difficulty Sleeping Alone or Night Waking

Our useful checklist gives tips for what you can do if your child is finding it difficult to sleep alone ...
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