University of Birmingham

The Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders is headed by Professor Chris Oliver and is based in the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham. The research at the centre is funded by Cerebra with additional support from a number of agencies and charities.

University of Birmingham

The research undertaken focuses on the difficulties experienced by children and adults who have intellectual disability, Autism spectrum disorders and genetic syndromes that are associated with developmental delay. A team of clinical and academic psychologists, undergraduate and postgraduate students and volunteers conduct high quality research into emotional, cognitive and behavioural difference and disorder in individuals with these neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our Sleep Advice Service

Sleep influences almost every human activity from learning new information, storing memories, influencing our moods and helping cell development. Given the impact of sleep it is not surprising that poor sleep has a significant negative impact on people. Unfortunately short and disrupted sleep is common in children with brain conditions.

Despite all of this, research on sleep in children with brain conditions is sadly lacking. The Sleep Project we help fund will change this.

The cutting edge research will lead on:

  • Understanding different types and causes of sleep problems
  • Identifying how poor sleep impacts on children with brain conditions and their families
  • Trialling new interventions to reduce sleep problems

FIND Website

The FIND website is for parents/carers and professionals. It provides information about neurogenetic disorders including Cri Du Chat, Angelman and Cornelia De Lange. For professionals there is access to an interactive database. The website also gives information on current research projects that are being conducted in individuals with rare genetic syndromes and neurodevelopmental disorders. Access the website

Research at the Centre

Dr Jane Waite, a Post Doctoral Research Fellow provides an insight into the research taking place at the centre.

Annual Report

To read more about the research activities, journal publications and conference presentations undertaken by the team, take a look at the annual report.

Annual Report on Sleep

[To read more about the research activities, journal publications and conference presentations undertaken by the team, take a look at the annual report.]

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Count Me In Lottery

Taking part in our ‘Count Me In’ Lottery is a wonderful way to make a real difference to children with brain conditions and their families. It also means you are in with a chance to win our big weekly prize.