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In the UK today there are around half a million children and young people with brain conditions that result in complex medical, educational and social support needs. We are a charity that helps these children and their families discover a better life together.

We work closely with our families to find out where help is most needed and then work with our university partners to fund the relevant research. Our research work across neurodevelopmental conditions gives us a unique perspective within the charity research sector.

Our aim is to provide research-driven, high-quality health and social care advice and support for the families of children with brain conditions from birth to the age of 16. 

Cerebra’s objectives are to:

  • Use only current, relevant, balanced and trustworthy sources of information and ensure they are clearly referenced
  • Inform parents and carers about different conditions and the issues surrounding these so that they have a better understanding
  • Empower parents and carers to make their own decisions and resolve problems and issues

Our funding also supports the Cerebra Innovation Centre which designs and builds innovative, bespoke products to help disabled children discover the world around them. Some of these products are unique to an individual family, while other designs go on to be manufactured to help others.

In addition we provide a free library service with books for adults and children. We also fund LEaP, our innovative problem-solving project that runs alongside our Legal Rights Service offering help and support to those in need.

Cerebra is a national UK charity based in Carmarthen, Wales.

More detailed information about what we do and why can be found in our Annual Report and our Cerebra Brochure.

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Cerebra Count Me In Lottery

Count Me In Lottery

Taking part in our ‘Count Me In’ Lottery is a wonderful way to make a real difference to children with brain conditions and their families. It also means you are in with a chance to win our big weekly prize.

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