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Happy 20th Birthday Cerebra!

“I have many different emotions when I let it sink in that we are celebrating Cerebra’s 20th birthday. No different from how we’d feel about our sons and daughters’ special birthdays I suppose. I was there for our proverbial birth and as Cerebra was born we had a clear plan for what we wanted to achieve. Cerebra was to be a leading light in the ...
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Variety, Smiles And Fun With Our Toy Library

Sarah explains how our toy library has helped her daughter Betsy to have fun and variety in her life. “Betsy has Rett Syndrome and Autism. Her needs are very high and she is very sensory driven requiring constant sensory feedback. Our family life is impacted hugely as Betsy requires supervision 24hrs a day. Outings are a struggle and so we rely heavily on having the ...
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Light Up a Child’s Life this Christmas

Light Up a Child's Life This Christmas Our Toy Library brings joy and happiness to children living with a brain condition all year round. But at Christmas time, there's something extra special about a child's excitement when their parents tell them to expect a delivery of toys! Fibre optics, UV lights, sound and tactile items are all available to children completely free-of-charge and if you'd ...
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BorrowBox Feedback

Has the e-book or e-audiobook improved your understanding of your child’s condition? Yes No Has the e-book or e-audiobook helped you meet your child’s needs? Yes No Has the e-book or e-audiobook improved your ability to access services for your child? Yes No NA If you borrowed a children’s e-audiobook has it improved your child’s skills? Yes No NA If you borrowed a children’s e-audiobook ...
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an image of the charity fundraising sweepstake

Festive Sweepstake

Our festive sweepstake makes a great alternative to an office secret santa. Instead of ending up with a gift they don't want (or lose at the Christmas party) your players could get a chance to win a cash prize or a present of your choosing. All while helping make a real difference to children with brain conditions. How to Play Download and print the sweepstake ...
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a young boy sat at a desk looking at an iPad

Assistive Technology – enhancing independence for children living with brain conditions

“For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” IBM Training Manual, 1991. What is assistive technology? Assistive products and technology are defined as "any product, instrument, equipment or technology adapted or specially designed for improving the functioning of a disabled person". This includes ‘off-the-shelf’ mainstream devices (for example, the latest Amazon Echo advert features people with disabilities ...
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premature baby


For most mothers pregnancy is a safe and straightforward process but for 1 in 5 unexpected complications can occur and are a major cause of childhood disability. The research we fund at the University of Leeds aims to improve the prediction of mums at risk of early delivery and to prevent it from happening so that fewer babies need neonatal intensive care and do not suffer ...
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happy disabled boy painting with his family

Introduction to Cerebra PhD Student Daniel Sutherland

My name is Daniel Sutherland, and I am doing a PhD at the University of Warwick funded by Cerebra. My PhD involves working on a project which is also funded by Cerebra to develop and evaluate an intervention for families of children with developmental disabilities like learning disabilities or autism. About Me I studied psychology and psychological practice at the University of Birmingham, and my ...
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a mother holding her child on a space hopper

Cerebra will be delivering our Accessing Public Services Toolkit Workshop

We're delighted to announces that Cerebra will be delivering our Accessing Public Services Toolkit Workshop on Monday 13th December 2021. It will take place from 10am – 2pm at Providence House, Providence Pl, London N1 0NT This workshop will be free to those attending and will include refreshments. John Furlong, our LEaP Project Information and Support Officer, will be delivering this workshop. Its aim is ...
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apply for research funding from Cerebra

Educational Tribunal Appeals in Wales: Which website do I need – SENTW or ETW?

On 1 September 2021 the law about children with learning difficulties and disabilities living in Wales changed as the old special educational needs (SEN) system began to make the transition to the new additional learning needs (ALN) system. Every year for the next 3 school years (2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24) a group of school years will move from the SEN system to the new system until ...
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