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With our weekly Count Me In lottery, one lucky player wins £1,500 every Thursday!

Cerebra Final Lottery Logo horizontal monoREVERSE

With our weekly Count Me In lottery, one lucky player wins £1,500 every Thursday!

Play today for your chance to win £1,500 every week. Tickets cost £1.20 with a huge 80p of that going directly to funding our research and services to help families who include a child with a brain condition discover a better life together.

Play our lottery and make a difference

In the UK today, there are around half a million children and young people with brain conditions that result in complex medical, educational and social support needs. The small cost of your weekly ticket will make a big difference. Playing the lottery for:

  • one month could pay for a parent to borrow a book from our library that helps them understand their child’s condition and feel less alone
  • six months could pay for a family to attend one of our sleep workshops and get their first good night’s sleep in years
  • a year could pay for the materials our Innovation Centre need to create a piece of equipment that lets a disabled child join in and play with their friends.

How to play

Raffle 1

Enter your details
Confirm you're over 18 and complete a few contact details

Raffle 2

Choose your chances to win
Buy tickets for a number of draws or never miss a draw by playing monthly

Raffle 3

Complete your payment
You can pay by debit card, monthly Direct Debit or PayPal

If you win, we’ll send you a cheque or pay the money straight into your bank account if you’re a Direct Debit player!

If you'd prefer to sign up by post or pay by cheque just download and complete our sign up form.
And if you have any questions or want to sign up over the phone just call 01267 244218 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm excluding bank holidays).


Jenny was a winner in May. She said:

As a long term supporter of Cerebra, I think I may have been in the ‘Count Me In‘ lottery from the start. We have just booked a family holiday and my grandchildren will each get some extra money to spend on whatever they choose. Spreading the surprise and happiness around! I also plan to donate some of the money to a great cause - Cerebra!

Your ticket could help a child like Harry

Eleven year old Harry has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, which means he is reliant on his wheelchair just to get around. He loves his assistance dog, Addi and longed to be able to play fetch with him. Sadly, Harry doesn’t have the strength or coordination to throw a ball, but when mum, Hilary contacted our Innovation Centre, we were determined to find a way for Harry to play with his best friend.

We want you to feel good about playing our lottery. To help you enjoy the fun, we've put together some information about gambling responsibly.

Responsible person: Christopher Jones, Cerebra Count Me In Lottery Ltd., Cerebra, The MacGregor Office Suite, Jolly Tar Lane, Carmarthen, SA31 3LW. Licensed by the Gambling Commission no. 000-005059-N-100360-014. The Count Me In lottery provides funding for the community and society activities of Cerebra. Any person under 18 automatically forfeits the right to any prize.

Lottery Rules