Poppy’s Dream Comes True

21 July 2016

Go Poppy!

On 24th June Poppy’s dream finally came true – she completed the Cardiff triathlon in style!

The weather conditions were perfect on the day, dry but not too hot. We met an excited Poppy and her mum and dad before the start. Poppy was really looking forward to the whole experience and couldn’t believe that the day had finally come. Her dad, Rob, was a little nervous but also looking forward to the challenge as he had a final run through with the CIC team.

Poppy’s mum, Rachel, explained that for all of her life Poppy has been on the sidelines of everything – able to watch but not take part – and always feeling left out. This has been so hard for Poppy and the whole family and this why the triathlon was such a huge thing for them all. For the first time she was able to join in and be in the thick of the activity.

Poppy takes to the water.

The whole event went very smoothly and to plan. The equipment, designed by CIC, worked perfectly and looked amazing – getting lots of attention from everyone. There were no hitches at all and Poppy and Rob crossed the finishing line in a very respectable 1 hour and 4 seconds. They were both tired but absolutely thrilled.

The crowd was so supportive all day, cheering loudly for Poppy all the way round the route. The commentator was amazing, constantly giving Poppy and Cerebra a mention. The other athletes were also very impressed, giving her their congratulations and support. Poppy got lots of press attention, was photographed constantly and gave several media interviews – and she absolutely LOVED being the centre of attention.

Crossing the finish line

The whole event was an emotional and positive experience for all concerned. Poppy proved her point about being able to do anything, with a little help, and Cerebra did what we do best – providing positive support to help a child overcome their challenges and have a positive experience.

Our thanks go to everyone who contributed to, supported and sponsored this project. Their dedication, commitment and belief made this huge achievement possible.

To date Rob and Poppy have raised more than £10,000 for the charity.

You can read the full details of the story here.


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