Physical Wellbeing

Children with brain conditions often have extra needs when it comes to their physical wellbeing. Our guides and resources offer support and advice for various physical issues you and your child may be facing.

Two common physical wellbeing challenges children with complex needs and their families face are dealing with sleep issues and how to identify and manage pain in a child who can’t communicate. Our comprehensive guides outline common problems and offer strategies to help.


We know that if one child isn’t sleeping, the whole family suffers. Alongside our Sleep Guide, we offer a range of services including workshops and one-to-one support from our sleep team to help your child – and everyone in your family – get a good night’s sleep.

Toilet Training: A Guide for Parents

Toilet training and issues with incontinence can have a number of different causes in children with brain conditions. Our guide helps you understand your child’s individual needs when toilet training. 

Toilet Training - Cerebra the charity for children with brain conditions.


Some behaviours can be challenging for parents and carers as well as teachers and other professionals. Our factsheet helps you recognise and understand different types of challenging behaviour in order to manage them.

Sensory Processing

Children with brain conditions may have difficulties organising and responding to sensory input. We have a selection of toys in our library suitable for children with different sensory needs.

Cerebra Count Me In Lottery

Count Me In Lottery

Taking part in our ‘Count Me In’ Lottery is a wonderful way to make a real difference to children with brain conditions and their families. It also means you are in with a chance to win our big weekly prize.

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