Finding Legal Advice

As a parent or carer of a disabled child you might well need to seek legal advice at some stage in your lives for a whole host of reasons.  Your child may have been injured, may not be getting the social services and educational support to which they are entitled, or they may even need representation at a police station.  There will also likely be a need to consider making a will and other financial arrangements for your child.

Identifying and approaching a solicitor for legal help can be one of the more daunting prospects for families and carers of children with a disability.  The choice of your solicitor is critically important.  Choosing the wrong solicitor could have significant consequences. If for any reason you are not happy with the service that your solicitor is providing, please contact the firm directly through their own complaints management system. This information can be found on their website. If you are unhappy with the general quality of the service offered by a law firm, we suggest that you contact the Legal Services Ombudsman.

Remember – the law and the lawyers are there to help you.  Solicitors are trained to bring help to those people who need it.

All solicitors have the same general qualification, but most specialise in one area of the law.  When starting your search, it will quickly become obvious that there are countless solicitors offering representation in the field you need.  However, not all of them will specialise in the field to the degree that you will require.

Quite understandably, you will want to make sure that you chose a true expert in the field, and someone who you can work with.  You need to be able to communicate with your solicitor.  Solicitors are all individuals and they each have their own way of working.  The key is to identify someone who you are comfortable with, but who also has a high level of specialist expertise.  In reality, this will narrow your search considerably.

You can find advice on using a solicitor here and/or contact our corporate supporters here.

Corporate Legal Supporters

We are grateful to have our work supported by a number of corporate supporters who include legal firms that deal with brain injury cases. Details of these firms can be found here.

Public Services Toolkit

If you are facing difficulties with official agencies in trying to access the health, social care and education support services you and your child are entitled to, our Accessing Public Services Toolkit can help. It identifies common issues and offers strategies to help resolve them without resorting to legal action.

Finding Legal Help

As the parent of a disabled child you may need legal advice at some stage for a whole host of reasons. In some cases, finding and hiring a solicitor can be a daunting prospect. This guide helps make that process as straightforward as possible and we recommend you read it before contacting a solicitor.