Difficulty sleeping

Object of comfort helps Poppy sleep

Mum Rachel contacted our Sleep Service to get some advice about daughter Poppy who was having a number of sleep ...
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Child sleeping

What impact do sleep problems have?

Although the odd night of poor sleep may not affect daily abilities, persistent sleep problems can have a huge impact ...
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sleeping parent with toddler

My child just won’t go to sleep

This article takes a look at what you can do if your child just won't go to sleep. It's taken ...
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Handy tips for summer holiday sleep

During the summer holidays the change in routine and light, warmer nights can often make sleep difficult. It can be ...
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Epilepsy and getting a better night’s sleep

Louise recently contacted our Sleep Service for some advice to help 9-year-old Jonah get a good night’s sleep. Jonah has ...
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Understanding and Reducing Sleep Disorders in Children with Developmental Delay

Dr Caroline Richards and Professor Chris Oliver from the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders talk about the Sleep Project which ...
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