Soaring high

19 November 2018

Soaring high

19 November 2018

Owen swinging.


Our Innovation Centre are proud to make products that help disabled children to enjoy and experience life alongside their friends. Sometimes the most simple of things make the biggest difference.

Owen’s mum got in touch for some help. Owen loves to join his friends on the swings in the park but sometimes forgets to hold on. Our team at CIC simply converted a climbing harness to fit Owen and to clip onto the swing’s chains, keeping him safe as he soars.

A simple job but one that has made a huge difference to young Owen’s life.

Watch Owen in action

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3 thoughts on “Soaring high”

  1. Reading about Owen… that’s absolutely awsome. My son is 7 and I have to squeeze him into the baby swing as that is the only thing he likes in the park. He has hemiplegia so can’t really hold on and doesn’t really do that we’ll with his other hand. I would love to know we’re I can get one for him, plese let me know.

  2. Laura Griffiths

    Hi what a fab idea, my son won’t hold on either and would find it difficult to balance on a typical swing. He has Angelman syndrome, I’d love to try one of these as he’s 8 tomorrow and I still squeeze him into the baby swing too.

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