Six year-old Jake-Junior to run for Cerebra

11 June 2018


When Jake -Junior cheered his dad from the side-lines as he completed the London Marathon, there was only one thing he wanted to know – how he could get his hands on a medal too?

Six year-old Jake -Junior has ADHD and sensory processing difficulties, which leave him with a lot of anxiety. Due to his condition, Jake-Junior has lots of energy and is always on the go but he can sometimes have problems with impulse control and can get frustrated very quickly, especially at school.

Despite the challenges he faces every day, Jake -Junior wanted to follow in the footsteps of dad Jake and take on his very own running challenge to help children who have conditions like his.

Jake-Junior showing his run time
Jake-Junior showing his run time

His Mum Nicola explains why Jake – Junior decided to fundraise for us: “Cerebra helped us with his sleeping issues, making sure we all get a good night’s sleep, and gave advice on his sensory problems. They also have a fantastic library to lend out toys and books”.

His energy has meant that he has been doing extremely well with his training. Mum Nicola said: ‘Jake-Junior doesn’t have a “stop button” – if he’s awake, it’s time to run! He’s already starting to train for his 5k run with sit-ups, push ups and short runs.

“Me and his Daddy are immensely proud. He’s such a lovely boy and a bit of a charmer. All his teachers love him! He has been training every day so far and even wanted to do the race on his own though we thought it was best if dad went along!”

Jake-Junior will be running Birmingham’s 5k Big Fun Run on 8th September and you can help him reach his fundraising target through his Just Giving page.

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