Tiny hats for tiny babies

04 June 2018

One of our dedicated fundraisers, Sam Elliott, has just knitted 39 baby hats for premature babies on the Neonatal Ward at Leeds General Infirmary.

Sam Elliott has worked in our fundraising department for just under a year. Having recently learned how to knit, she saw a post on Facebook asking for hats for premature babies. As we sponsor research at the University of Leeds into the prevention of premature birth, Sam decided to knit her hats for the hospital we work with.

Tracy Elliott, Head of Research & Information, and Imogen Morgan, Trustee, present the hats to the Neonatal ward

She created 39 hats in all different colours and sizes. It took her a couple of months with each hat taking about 2 hours to complete. Sam said:

“I love raising funds for Cerebra and through this project I was able to help our work in another way”.

12 thoughts on “Tiny hats for tiny babies”

    1. That’s amazing! Keep an eye out for our winter campaign which will be launching very soon. We will be releasing a downloadable pattern as part of that.

    1. That’s great! If you wanted to send them to this unit then the address is Great George St, Leeds LS1 3EX. Or you could see if you have a local unit that would benefit from them.

    1. Hi Mair, we sent the hats that we created to the unit in Leeds. The address of this is Great George St, Leeds LS1 3EX. If you have a premature baby unit locally, you can also donate to them.

  1. I’d like to knit for this project and live near Leeds so could donate to the unit there. What items are currently most needed, please?

    1. Hi Christine, that’s wonderful, thank you! Both hats and blankets are usually popular. If you’re knitting blankets, the perfect measurements are 20 x 25 inches.

  2. Hi Sarah, I have spare knitting wool left from making items for my grand children and would like to use it to make hats and blankets for the Leeds Unit as I am in West Yorkshire. You said ” Keep an eye out for our winter campaign which will be launching very soon. We will be releasing a downloadable pattern as part of that.” in response to another contributor – I can’t find it so …. do I use any pattern or is there a specific one the Unit would prefer?

  3. Gillian Crowther

    Hi, iv started to knit baby prem hats my mum used to knit them for you but sadly passed away so im trying to keep going what my mum loved doing ,can you send me the address please were i can send them, thank you .

    1. Leigh Mulvihill

      Hi Gillian, we’re so sorry for your loss. What a lovely way to honour your mum! We send the premature baby hats to the premature baby unit in Leeds, which is here: Great George St, Leeds LS1 3EX but if you have a local hospital with a premature baby unit they would probably be just as happy to have them.
      Thank you

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