Books on Mental Health in our Library

10 October 2020

Our librarian Jan gives us the rundown of the books in our library on mental health.

Mental Health

Library books for Adults

  • A Practical Guide to Mental Health Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Khalid Karim (L6529 & L9596)
  •  The Young Mind: an essential guide to mental health for young adults, parents and teachers by Sue Bailey (L6599)
  •  Guide to Mental Health for Families and Carers of People with Intellectual Disabilities by G Holt (L1612)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health for Front-line Professionals by Nisha Dogra (L6801)
  • CBT Toolbox for Children and Adults by Lisa Weed Phifer (L6802)
  • The Mental Health Handbook 2000 by Trevor Powell (L6803)
  • OCD and Autism: a clinician’s guide to adapting CBT by Ailsa Russell
  • A Guide to Mental Health Issues in Girls and Young Women on the Autism Spectrum by Judy Eaton (L6846)

ebooks for adults

  • Parenting Children with Mental Health Challenges by Deborah Vlock
  • Social Media and Mental Health by Claire Edwards
  • Mental Health in Children and Young People by Sarah Vohra

For children we have a large selection of books that explain how emotions can affect you growing up, look in the Children’s Books Library List under ‘Feelings’.


Library books for Adults

  • Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams (6519)
  • Mindfulness for Carers: how to manage the demands of caregiving while finding a place for yourself by Cheryl Rezek (L6640)
  • Mindful Therapeutic Care for Children by Joanna Nortes (L6522)

ebooks for adults

  • Mindfulness for Anxious Kids by Rebecca Vujnovic
  • Mindful Parenting for ADHD by Mark Bertin
  • Mindful Discipline by Chris White

ebooks for teens

  • Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD by Debra Burdick
  • Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety by Christopher Willard
  • Mindfulness for Teen Anger by Jason Murphy

Find out more about our library and sign up to borrow books here.

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