Cerebra Network Launch Event

18 May 2021

Join us on 3rd June 2021 for the exciting launch of the Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Cerebra Network Launch Event

18 May 2021

Join us on 3rd June 2021 for the exciting launch of the Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

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The Cerebra Network will expand upon the work of the Cerebra Centre, which was led by Professor Chris Oliver and developed a world-leading research programme through which the behavioural, emotional and cognitive characteristics associated with complex disorders and rare genetic conditions have been documented.

This next phase will comprise a collaborative and dynamic network of researchers. The Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders will be led by four alumni of the Cerebra Centre; Dr Caroline Richards (University of Birmingham), Dr Jo Moss (University of Surrey), Dr Jane Waite (University of Aston) and Dr Hayley Crawford (University of Warwick). Network research hubs located at each university will focus on key themes that are central to improving the lives of individuals with severe and complex needs and their families including research into sleep, atypical autism and mental health, while continuing their work on self-injurious behaviour and pain in this population.

On Thursday 3rd June, via Zoom, we’ll be hosting a family focused session in the morning followed by a research focused session in the afternoon.

To attend either session please register here


Family Focus Session

10am-12.15pm BST

This session will introduce our research goals and the teams carrying out the research. It is specifically aimed at parents and carers of people with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families, but anyone is welcome to join. Talks will cover;

  • Our research – who we are and what research we will be doing.
  • Family experiences of research – parents’ viewpoint of our research and why its needed.
  • Questions from you to us – answering your questions about our research.
  • Questions from us to you – an opportunity for you share your ideas for our research

Research Focus Session

1pm-3.45pm BST

This session will focus on the research behind our three main themes. It is specifically aimed at academics and professionals working with people with neurodevelopmental disorders, but anyone is welcome to join. Sessions will include talks by researchers and clinicians in the field with the opportunity for a live Q&A session. The three panels are;

  • Autism (1.15pm-2pm): Dr Sarah White (UCL), Dr Natali Bozhilova (University of Surrey) & Dr Kat Ellis (University of Surrey)
  • Sleep & behaviour (2pm-2.45pm): Dr Andy Bagshaw (University of Birmingham), Dr Stacey Bissell (University of Birmingham) & Dr Georgie Agar (University of Birmingham)
  • Mental health (2.45pm-3.45pm): Prof. Jacqui Rodgers (Newcastle University), Dr Kate Woodcock (University of Birmingham), Dr Rachel Royston (UCL) & Dr Laura Groves (University of Leicester)
We invite you to submit questions to our panels in advance via the launch event website by clicking here

4 thoughts on “Cerebra Network Launch Event”

  1. The Cerebra Network Launch Event sounds very interesting and I’d love to attend however its half term and I will not be able to attend. Will the event be recorded and can we access it at a later day

    Thanks and hope the day goes really well!

    1. Leigh Mulvihill

      Hi Denise, we’ve asked the Network if they’re planning to record the event and we’ll get back to you as soon as we know.

    2. Hi Denise, the Network has got back to us and I’m very pleased to say that the event will be recorded. If you could please contact us at [email protected] with your email details, I will make sure we send you a link to the recording.

      Many thanks

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