CEDAR Seminar Series

Child crying in a cot

Specific phobia in children with learning disabilities

In this seminar, Professor Kylie Gray presented the findings of the study titled “Specific phobia in children with learning disabilities ...
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Covid 19 and Digital Inclusion

This seminar, delivered by Dr. Sue Caton, explores the findings of the study titled "Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities ...
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a woman hugging two small children

Seminar Review – Stigma and People with a Learning Disability

The first CEDAR seminar of 2023 was by Katrina Scior, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Stigma Studies at University College ...
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Extending the Precision Teaching Framework

Athanasios (Thanos) Vostanis, Lecturer in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the University of Kent, opened the November CEDAR seminar series ...
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Little boy looking anxious.

What does anxiety look like?

Dr Hayley Crawford began the June CEDAR seminar by highlighting that autistic people and people with intellectual disabilities are at ...
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Cerebra the charity for children with brain conditions-research work

The Health, Healthcare And Wellbeing Of Adults With Intellectual Disabilities

Tammy Rutter The dedication of Professor Mary McCarron and her team to inclusive research which brings about meaningful change for ...
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School attendance in children with neurodevelopmental conditions one year after COVID-19

Emma Taylor Associate Professor Dr Vaso Totsika opened her CEDAR Seminar Series talk by explaining how, before COVID-19, rates of ...
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Understanding atypical patterns of autism in individuals with genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability

Dr Jo Moss, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Surrey, opened the February CEDAR seminar by sharing a story ...
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Back to Basics: Parent Child Relationships in Families with Children who have Typical and Atypical Development

Professor Carlo Schuengel opened his CEDAR seminar series talk by reflecting on the pandemic and what a special time it ...
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Image of Danielle Adams

“My cheeks get red and my brain gets scared” – learning about anxiety in children with autism

Associate Professor, Dawn Adams, began her CEDAR Seminar Series talk by highlighting her research focus on autism and anxiety and ...
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