Cerebra Legal Entitlements and Problem Solving Project


Cerebra and the University of Leeds Continence Survey 2023

Cerebra has frequently received reports from families who have encountered difficulties when trying to access continence supplies for their disabled ...
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cerebra annual conference

Cerebra Legal Entitlements and Problem-Solving Project Conference

On 18 October 2022, the University of Leeds School of Law hosted the Cerebra Legal Entitlements and Problem-Solving Project Conference: ...
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Happy man in meeting

Practical approaches to resolving commonly occurring health and social care difficulties

John Furlong and Derek Tilley work within our Legal Entitlements and Problem-solving Project. They help families to understand what their ...
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University of Leeds LEaP students and staff.

Delivering Legal Rights End of Grant Report

The School of Law at the University of Leeds has published its end of grant report summarising the achievements of ...
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