Great Feedback for our CIC Fish Tank

27 January 2020

Our Innovation Centre have had some great feedback from one of the fish tanks that they recently sent out.

Our Innovation Centre (CIC) were extremely busy before Christmas getting some of their sensory fish tanks out to lucky families.

What makes these fish tanks special is that they have a tough external case which protects the fish but also ensures that nothing can be dropped accidentally into the tank! It can also be fixed to a table or side unit so there is no danger of the tank being tipped over.

The CIC team had some lovely feedback from Caroline who had requested a tank for her son Ethan:

“We finally set up our fish tank last weekend… Ethan loves it and also loved the process of setting it up (apart from when we filled the tank with water inside the enclosure and then realised we needed to feed the various leads through the holes and couldn’t squeeze the plugs between the gap, so had to empty it!).

Ethan finds our fish tank very calming and hasn’t tried to climb on top of it or anything, however, he would definitely be lifting up the lid of the tank if he had his choice! Ethan’s sister also loves it! Our home lives are stressful with Ethan’s constant demands, so it’s proving somewhere for Kitty to go to find some calm, whereas Ethan is preferring to watch the fish of an evening, so perfect! We’ve noticed it’s helping him settle in his bedtime routine, as he’s so much calmer. He’s also really liking to help feed the fish of a morning but the fish have been getting a bit too much food!

Thank you so much for making having a fish tank possible. We’re very grateful to you and Cerebra.”

If you have a challenge, big or small, that you think the Innovation Centre team would be able to help with, please get in touch! You can contact them through our web form or email [email protected].

Ethan, Mum and Fish Tank

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