Libby is going places with her new Walker!

28 January 2021

A gift from our Innovation Centre to help Libby be the envy of the play area!

We wanted to share some wonderful footage of Libby receiving a surprise gift from our Innovation Centre!

At just 18 months old, Libby was diagnosed with Polymicrogyria, which means that her brain has developed too many folds. Libby also has Cerebral Palsy and hypertonia (an increased tightness of muscle tone) in her ankles and hips.

Libby often sees other children playing and although her parents try as much as possible to help her do what the other children are doing, they see the upset and frustration in Libby’s face when she can’t.

Rosy (Libby’s mum) contacted our Innovation Centre for something sturdy and easily manoeuvrable to help her play and have fun at home and with friends.

‘In play areas, Libby would often push a toy pram or shopping trolley, but they’ve always been too light for her to lean on,’ Rosy explains.

We were thrilled to be able to help and to build Libby her very own Walker. We even made sure it was fun and colourful so that Libby could be the envy of the play area!

Rosy adds, ‘now she has her very own pushing trolley! We put things inside for her, behind the rainbows, and she loves crashing!”

If you would like to contact our Innovation Centre team about this or any other equipment for your child, you can use our contact form.

Watch below to see Libby taking her new Walker for a spin!

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