Lockdown Lowdown from CIC

25 March 2020

Ross Head, the manager at our Innovation Centre, explains how the team can still help you during during the pandemic restrictions.

Okay, so here I go with my first ever blog – and what a time to start! So, we all know that we are in a crazy time just now with the Corona Virus and isolation. Here in Cerebra we are worried about you guys, and reaching out to try to help more than ever. The situation here in Cerebra is that all staff who are able to work from home, have been asked to do so. The CIC team rely heavily on the work shop to make things, but sadly that has been closed down to protect staff. So, where does that leave us?

Maybe we should take a step back. I am Ross, I oversee the CIC team and work with Gerallt and David. We are all product designers. We love our jobs and feel so fortunate that we can use our skill to help children. So we are understandably a little frustrated just now being stuck at home with our computers!

Our jobs are partly to design, make and invent new products for you guys. This is when we are at our happiest! The creativity and ingenuity, working as a team to solve problems, drawing and sketching, making models and designing the final product gives the team a real buzz. However, we are not magicians, and sometimes we are unable to solve problems on the budget available. In this instance, we do loads of research, call companies and ask for advice, we collate all the information we have been able to find and send a package to our clients along with ideas of how and where to approach for financial help.

We completely understand that our Cerebra families will be feeling the pinch more than most over the next few weeks with schools closed. Make use of the resources available to you – that includes us!

Please keep your ideas and problems coming. We might not have a work shop just now, but this situation is only temporary and we can use this time to solve the problems and do loads of design work, so that we can make products once we are able to return to work. We want to help you, and in helping you, you will be helping us to keep busy and keep doing what we love to do!

There might be new problems that you face now that your family has been asked to remain indoors. You might be looking for ideas to help keep your children busy with appropriate tasks. Just let me know, we have loads of contacts who will be equally desperate to help you.

Lots of organisations are arranging online group activities from exercise, to learning, from playing together to communication. We can link you with these groups and together we will get through this!

If the Innovation team can help you in any way please get in touch

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